Not all windows are created equal.  With temperatures in Upstate New York ranging from over 100 degrees to the negative double digits, it’s important to know that your windows are designed to keep up with our ever-changing weather.

Allstate Roofing & More, LLC only carries windows that are specifically designed for the area.  They include high density foam spacers (or SST Spacers) which can make it so that the inside glass of your window is within 1-2 degrees of the inside of your wall space.  Most windows out there today have a 30-40 degree temperature difference—resulting in increased heating and cooling bills.

Every window that we install is custom designed to the customer’s specifications.

Window types include:

  • Double hung: windows that go up and down
  • Sliding: windows that slide left to right, or right to left
  • Casement: windows that crank out
  • Skylights

Customers can also specify:

  • Interior colors
  • Exterior colors
  • Grid options: including diamond, colonial, and prairie
  • Cut glass: to add a pattern and distinctive style

Window frames are made to be weather resistant and easy to maintain.

Do you live in a historical home, or do you have a Home Owner’s Association with specific requirements?  We can design windows to your specifications.

Have you considered a skylight, a patio door, or fire rated entry doors?  We can help with those too!

Click here to learn about Mezzo windows, just one of our window offerings:


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