Not all windows are created equal.  With temperatures in Upstate New York ranging from over 100 degrees to the negative double digits, it’s important to know that your windows are designed to keep up with our ever-changing weather.

Allstate Roofing & More, LLC only carries windows that are specifically designed for the area.  They include high density foam spacers (or SST Spacers) which can make it so that the inside glass of your window is within 1-2 degrees of the inside of your wall space.  Most windows out there today have a 30-40 degree temperature difference—resulting in increased heating and cooling bills.

Every window that we install is custom designed to the customer’s specifications.

Window types include:

  • Double hung: windows that go up and down
  • Sliding: windows that slide left to right, or right to left
  • Casement: windows that crank out
  • Skylights

Customers can also specify:

  • Interior colors
  • Exterior colors
  • Grid options: including diamond, colonial, and prairie
  • Cut glass: to add a pattern and distinctive style

Window frames are made to be weather resistant and easy to maintain.

Do you live in a historical home, or do you have a Home Owner’s Association with specific requirements?  We can design windows to your specifications.

Have you considered a skylight, a patio door, or fire rated entry doors?  We can help with those too!


Our Sunrooms offer a peaceful haven to relax in comfort or entertain in style, free from inclement weather and pesky insects.

Get the most out of life lounging, dining and entertaining in your Screen Room! We design and build to suit your home, cottage or commercial property. Overexposure to sun, rain and wind can spoil an afternoon outside, but not anymore! With the changing weather in North America, a Room Addition helps you control the harsh conditions that may otherwise keep you and your family inside.


Model 100 Screen Rooms offer stylish design options, full ventilation and can be installed directly onto an existing patio or deck. Upgrades easily to a Model 200 WeatherMaster Sunroom at any time.

Don’t let nature lock you inside, enjoy the season from the comfort of your new screen room!

Our most popular Sunroom! The Model 200 features versatile WeatherMaster Vertical 4-Track Vinyl Windows exclusively.

WeatherMaster Window Systems & Model 200 Sunrooms are modular units that are custom designed to combine the breezy, open air feeling of a Screen Room with the comfort, convenience and safety of an Enclosed Porch. Easily installed and ideal for porch conversions. Made with View Flex vinyl glazing (it’s more durable than glass!) and available in a variety of tints that lets you control the sunlight through infinitely adjustable windows; effortlessly stack up, stack down or bunch in the middle to enjoy up to 75% ventilation.

The Model 200 Sunroom offers flexible designs, a wide variety of color and customization options to suit your home and an economical way to expand the functionality of any space while adding style and increased value.

The Model 300 Sunroom is a bright addition to any home, cottage or business! Insulated aluminum pillars, a durable Roof System with Integrated gutters and single glazed glass Windows give this 3-Season strength, stability and a virtually maintenance free exterior.

Custom-designed to fit your property and easily installed over an existing deck, porch or even as a carport! Patio Room Systems are perfect for seasonal use, giving you and your family a reliable and sturdy addition that extends your favorite seasons that much longer.

Enjoy increased living space and the outdoors protected from bugs, weather and UV Rays in the comfort of your new 3-season Sunroom.


Building on our 3-Season Sunroom, the Model 400 Thermal, Insulated Sunroom takes you and your family to a new level of comfort while extending your enjoyment of the seasons.

Double glazed high efficiency, Low E-Argon gas Glass Windows and extrusions with commercial grade thermal breaks combine with the Thermal Roof System to provide strong support for wind and snow load while reducing condensation and heat loss. Eliminate costly foundation work with Therma-Deck! The finished surface is perfect for carpet, tile or almost any type of flooring while providing 25% better insulated rating than conventional flooring construction.

Take your comfort through the natural ups and downs of North American seasonal weather by adding a new, high quality, customized and comfortable living space to your home or cottage. Don’t let nature keep you inside, enjoy watching the seasons change from the comfort of your new Sunroom!



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