The warm weather this week has us thinking about Spring!  And, as we do every year, we think it’s important to remind every homeowner that Spring is a great time to check for any damage or problem areas outside of your home.  Catching small problems now will definitely save time and money (and headaches!) in the future.

Here’s what to be looking for:


Not all damage to a roof results in an immediate leak–but it is important to catch small issues before they cause permanent damage to the interior and exterior of your home.

  • Did you experience any roof leaks this winter? While it may not be the roof itself (it could be damaged seals, problems with flashing, damage to skylights or roofs), you will want this checked out asap.
  • Did you experience ice dams? Even if the ice dams did not cause leaks, they can cause damage to your shingles.  Water is not meant to sit for long periods of time on shingles—and that’s what happens when you have an ice dam. Ponding water can lead to curled, cracked, or even bent shingles.
  • Are there any missing shingles? Wind, snow, and the elements can cause shingles—especially in older roofs—to come off.
  • How does the roof look? If there are raised, cracked, or bent shingles, this can allow water to flow underneath.  Also, are you seeing a lot of moss or algae on your roof?  Moss or algae alone don’t necessarily mean there is a roof problem–but they can often indicate excess moisture on the roof, which can lead to leaks.


The weight of snow, ice dams, icicles, debris, etc. can cause damage to your gutters.  Here’s what to look for:

  • Are your gutters sloping, or pulling away from the house? This can cause water to drain improperly, which will cause damage to the interior and exterior of your home.
  • Are your gutters full of debris? This can cause drainage issues, so you will want to get the debris removed right away.  And if you never want to deal with gutter debris again, consider having Gutter Guards installed
  • Are your gutters draining properly? An easy way to tell is to take a hose, and run water through the highest point in the gutters.  Is it flowing the way that it should?
  • Is water leaving the downspouts and moving toward your foundation? This could be a result of misalignment, or blockage.


Much of the time, siding damage is a result of accidental contact—trees, debris, your snowblower/snowplow, etc.  Very old siding can also be brittle, and can be impacted by the cold.

  • Look for cracks, breaks, or fractures. Any of these can result in water, debris, and even animals entering your siding—which can lead to deterioration and rot.


The most common window problems are damaged seals, and rot around your window frames.  What to look for:

  • On a windy day, stand a foot or so away from each window. You shouldn’t feel anything.  If you feel a draft, or a drastic temperature difference between your window and the rest of your house, that indicates a problem with your seals.
  • Is there condensation on the inside of your window? There shouldn’t be.
  • If you have wooden frames around your windows on the outside, check for peeling or chipping paint, as well as wood exposure. These can lead to mold and rot—which can get into your trim and interior walls.


Many newer decks are made out thermally modified wood, or wood composite/capped polymer.  These materials require little maintenance and are mold/mildew resistant.  Older decks, however, can be greatly impacted by piled snow, as well as the constant melt and reappearance of snow.

  • Do you see mold or mildew? This needs to be eliminated as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage.  Solutions include power washing, bleach solutions, and hiring professionals.
  • Are there any rotten or deteriorated boards? These will need to be replaced asap to avoid injury or further damage.

If you spotted any problem areas, we are here to help.  And, as always, we give free educational estimates to all residential customers.  Contact us today 585-400-7663 or


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