With Spring quickly approaching, hopefully the warm weather isn’t too far behind!  Now is the perfect time to be thinking about maximizing your outdoor space, and taking advantage of the sun and weather the majority of the year!

So…what are your options?


A deck is essentially an elevated outdoor floor attached to your home.  It allows you to enjoy the outdoors without sitting/standing on grass or dirt.

And decks aren’t what they used to be—simply wood boards in one pattern or style.  Today’s options include durable decking solutions like TimberTech®, which comes in a variety of board sizes and colors, and is virtually maintenance free.  By mixing and matching colors and styles,  patterns can be created, giving each deck a unique look.  Features truly allow you to make your deck your own—from lighting, to built in benches, to railings, there are many options to choose from.


Adding an awning to a deck or porch allows you to enjoy your outdoor space even when it’s raining, and can protect you from the direct rays of the sun.

Awnings come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles—and some even include sensors which will operate your awning when rain or wind is detected.


A sunroom is an enclosed area, attached to your home, that is designed to increase your usable space.  Sunrooms have large windows, and a roof (which can include skylights, or even acrylic to increase the natural light).

Sunrooms allow you to enjoy the warm weather, while protecting you from the elements—and by strategically opening and closing windows, you can still enjoy the warm weather without getting wet from the blowing rain, eliminate wind, and always keep bugs out!

Sunrooms are completely customizable—from flooring, to shape, to windows, colors, roofing, and more, a sunroom can be created to compliment your home, maximize your space, and meet your aesthetic needs.

Did you know that often, an existing deck can be transformed into a sunroom?  The deck will act as the base and floor of the sunroom—and walls, windows, and a roof will be added.

If you’re considering an outdoor space, let us help!  Contact us anytime for a free evaluation and educational estimate—585-400-7663 or office@400roof.com

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