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Allstate is an amazing business. Living in a “fixer upper” I have interacted with a great deal of contractors, most not being a positive interaction. I was floored by the pleasantness of the workers, both with each other and with my family. They set up perimeters and protection for plants where necessary without me having to ask, and they cleaned up well every night. Additionally, I appreciated that their style is to work hard (extremely long days) on one job so that they are finished very quickly! The last contractors took bits and pieces of two weeks to finish and did incredibly shotty work, whereas Allstate was done in THREE DAYS and the roof looks incredible. Our roof has some tricky areas with “dormers” right by the chimney and the last company left several leaks there… Allstate’s job manager took significant time answering all my questions, and explaining the difference in what they were doing so that the leaking would not occur. Lastly, in their final clean up they go around the yard with a large magnet to be sure that there are no rogue nails, which had a much better result than the last company that left nails everywhere for my kids to “find” all over our yard. So overall, I would highly recommend Allstate. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and incredible craftmanship really sets them apart. In addition to everything else they are a genuinely caring company. I actually won the new roof in a reach out to mothers, one of several people groups they’re targeting for give aways… It was really nice to see a business being so generous and trying to reach people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford a new roof. Thank you to Allstate for making my Mother’s Day an incredible one!

Christina Baxter

Mike and his crew arrived at 7:00 a.m. (I had no problem with the time) on Monday and worked straight through until almost 4:30 p.m. tearing off my old roof due to rain and snow leakage problems, plus removing a skylight permanently and boxed vents and everything else that gets done. Then they worked on installing some new plywood where needed, water/ice shields and everything else for a new roof to get me through the winter without a lot of major stress. Even my neighbors were calling to let me know that already the roof looked great! On Tuesday, they arrived again at 7:00 a.m. and began doing everything to install beautiful roofing shingles, flashing, and all that stuff that I know nothing about. They finished the job at 4:00 p.m. The lawn was cleaned to perfection. Even an old ribbonlike shingle hung from the front tree and Mike kept jumping until he retrieved it as all the ladders and the gear they used were already on the van. Mike and the crew were so nice and polite. The quality of their workmanship is beyond amazing. When my son-in-law saw it for the first time – a couple hours after the roof was finished – he said, “The house looks like a million dollars now,” and a couple of my neighbors are in agreement with that statement. I know I need new gutters in the future as these are from the late 1990’s, and when I get them I will call Allstate Roofing again and hopefully deal with John, who was a superb person to deal with and very knowledgeable. I just got home from work before doing this review and every time I see the roof, I can’t help but smile. Thank you to all of you!!! Sharon

Sharon F.

They did a great job on both of my properties after the march storm. They also helped me to get my insurance to pay for full roof replacement on my house instead of a repair that my insurance company insisted on

Igor Semaniv

I can only say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Not only was the job done professionally, but they all from start to finish, cared about me. This is an honest company as well. I’m single and I trusted them right from the beginning. My house looks awesome. No more worries. Thanks Allstate Roofing!

Shirl McKay

I was very impressed with the professional and courteous performance exhibited by the employees of Allstate Roofing. They took the time to help with securing financing, and did in my opinion one of the best roofing installation in New York State.

Gerald M.

Allstate Roofing & More did a GREAT job!  Highly recommend!

Rev Dr Tom

We lost approximately 25 -30 shingle tabs during the windstorm of March 2017. However, due to the snowstorm that came a bit later on March 15, and the fact that we had 2 shingle roofs covering the original cedar shakes, thus no leaks, we did not notice it until the snow melted. I found a couple tabs lying on my lawn, which is when I noticed the missing tabs. Several were nowhere to be seen and several were caught on the roof. I received 3 quotes for repairs, with only 2 of the companies, one of which was Allstate Roofing and More, telling me that I should file an insurance claim because there were 3 roofs and the original cedar shakes so it needed to be totally replaced according to the Code. John from Allstate told me to report the damage to my insurance company and that he wanted to be here when the adjuster came to view the damage. Due to some hesitancy by the insurance company about doing a complete tear-off and replacing the entire roof, the adjuster and a independent consultant visited my house another two or three times to inspect it. John from Allstate wanted to be present at all inspections, and I was glad he was because he speaks the language and kept telling the adjuster that the roof needed to be completely torn off and replace according to the Code. He even cited the regulations and emailed them to the adjuster. Once all was approved by my insurance company, the crew that arrived to tear off and replace my roof was excellent. They kept me abreast of their progress daily, letting me know also what they planned to do and complete the following day. They cleaned up the yard, driveway, etc. every day, and even swept the driveway blacktop and concrete deck on the back of our house. We have several angles on our roof and small roofs covering overhangs. I must say that Allstate did an excellent job and the appearance of our new roof is terrific. Also, our house is completely sided with stucco and the crew did an excellent job of not damaging the stucco when doing the tear-off or installing the underlayment and shingles. The appearance is beautiful. While we did experience a small drip around our chimney in the attic during the first heaving rainfall thereafter, Allstate sent a technician over within a day or two and it was fixed completely to satisfaction. I can say that we have not had any issue since our roof was replaced in September 2017. I would highly recommend Allstate to anyone.

Brian R.

Allstate Roofing returned my call, gave me a quote and had the work finished within a 2 week time period in the middle of winter. It was not an emergency but there were time constraints. The whole team was very professional from start to finish and offered quality materials and a very competitive price. I would definitely use them again and would recommend them to friends and family.

Mike F.

Allstate Roofing & More is my go to company for gutter repair and I discovered this summer they are great at driveways too! What ever the job, I have found Allstate Roofing & More to be honest & ethical, efficient and hardworking. Also I have found their price point to be fair and competitive.

Amanda R

Crew arrived on time and worked hard the entire day. Old roof completely torn off and a new one out in one day!  Workers were courteous and cleaned the site up very well before leaving.

Christopher M.

Everything was done to my exact specifications.  Upon the completion of the work I would say the work was A+.  Also, everyone was very professional in the front office, crew and salesmen.  Thank you all.  Great team.

Pat B.

Excellent.  The job was completed before schedule.  Communication with the company was outstanding.  The company provided an estimate and a professional job.  Highly recommend.

Daniel B.

Fantastic experience. Job done in two (2) days. On the third (3) day, the dumpster was removed and other than the beautiful new roof, you wouldn’t have known a construction crew had been there tearing off the old roof and replacing it. The yard cleanup was meticulous. The salesman was a pleasure to work with and the crew was great. They started within a few weeks of the contract signing (this was after a major wind storm in April 2017, so many roofs needed repair/replacement).

David H.

We had had our gutters replaced before – we live in an early 1900s Dutch Colonial and the wlinter ice and snow are h****** our gutters – but never before had such a competent and professional crew. They had to park on the street and walk everything up our long driveway. They then formed the gutters on site to exactly fit and attached them securely with pins that are close together.
We haven’t been through a winter with them yet but have been up cleaning out the leaves and they are much more secure.

Dianne E.

We are so very happy with our new roof, It looks fantastic.Great guys that did the work,very good on all work from tear off, repair, and replace with new. they also cleaned up the property very nice. very nice company to work with. I will let everyone know how a great job they did

Steven Bradley

I recently worked with Luda Mila. She is very professional and great at her job! Full of information… answers all questions in a timely fashion and great customer service! I would absolutely recommend her and her company for all windows/siding/roofing needs! Was a true pleasure!

Jay Pierce

Dan Musiyevich of Allstate Roofing gave us a very informative estimate, and worked with our difficult schedule to replace the failing roof on our 200 year old home in Orchard Park. The crew worked very hard, were professional, and did an EXCELLENT job cleaning up. I think the yard was cleaner after they left than it was before they started!
Highly recommended!!

Jeff Dolgos

Completely satisfied with the company-quality, timing, responsibility.

Irina Kuchma

Great group of People here at Allstate Roofing. Was referred by one of my good friends Dino Kay. This year was tough on roofs. We had wind damage and water leaking into our home that has now all been remedied and it looks absolutely beautiful. The installers were friendly and personable and we had a wonderful experience in a typically very stressful situation.

Dean Jones