A Mother’s Day Wish

As children we grow up giving our mother’s small gifts, trinkets and cards for Mother’s Day. We celebrate their love, kindness and generosity. This year the greatest gift I could give to my mother would be a roof.  You see, almost 10 years ago my mother’s home was destroyed in a fire resulting in a total loss.  My mother, a recent widow, never skipped a beat as she continued to worry about and support her family and others.  Never once has this woman put herself first.

She made several attempts to hire “contractors” to repair the home however her last effort resulted in the contractor taking off with her insurance check.  Unfortunately, he was never found or prosecuted!  Because of this, she has been financially devastated and reduced to residing in a rundown camper with no running water on the property for the last ten years.

Simple things like having her grandchildren sleepover or hosting holidays she can’t have. The everyday things we all take for granted she goes with out on a daily basis, without complaint. Yet she continues to be the definition of selfless and loving to all that know her, by offering what little money or resources she has.

Fast forward several years, the camper is no longer livable.   With property and school taxes for the home she can’t afford to rent and try to put her home back together off of a social security income. So she has bounced between family, friends and strangers at times to have a warm place to stay in the winter.  In the summer months she stays mostly at the property either in a tent or the camper.

While a friend tried to replace her roof, we’ve found neither the roof or gutters were done properly, leaving us with yet another financial burden.  Getting her roof replaced would bring her one step closer to having her home back and some normalcy in her life.

My brothers, sister and I have been trying to do what we can to repair her home on what little we all have to contribute, but as you can imagine rebuilding from just a shell is a costly and very slow process.  Nothing would make me happier then to be able to give her back her home!

It is companies like Allstate Roofing that restore my faith in humanity and community by offering their time, money and labor for such a gift.  Truly a commendable selfless act!    Winning this roof for my mother would literally be a life changer and a one of a kind Mother’s Day gift! Please like and share this post!  The post with the most likes and shares will win.


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