I am nominating my sister, Chrissy for a new roof and I have three reasons you should give her your vote!

First, this contest is targeted towards mothers and my sister is one of the best mothers I know.  She married her high school sweetheart, Jake, in 2009 and they had two beautiful daughters and an adorable son in short order.  Just six weeks after the birth of their son, however, my brother-in-law tragically drowned leaving Chrissy suddenly a single mother of three.  Even as an outside observer, I would never wish the struggles she faced dealing with her own grief as well as trying to guide her two toddlers through their own on anyone.  She, however, has handled the challenge as well as anyone ever could and is doing an amazing job keeping his memory alive for the girls as well as making sure their son knows what kind of man his father was.

The second reason I believe Chrissy deserves your votes for a new roof for her house is the activities which go on under that roof.  Jake and Chrissy bought what they call “the community house” in order to intentionally become involved in their community and promote fellowship and strategic resource sharing.  The community they have built with those living in the house over the past six years is a testament to their passion for people.  The success they have had building relationships with their neighbors was evidenced after Jake’s loss when the neighborhood rallied around Chrissy–mowing their lawn, cooking meals, and helping with many other needs.

The final reason Chrissy deserves this new roof is the saga they have been through with the roof thus far.  In 2012, they had the (very leaky!) roof replaced and were hopeful that would be the end of their worries.  Wrong!  The new roof was just as leaky as the old–just in different places.  They had to hound the company to come back (despite the alleged warranty) and even after several “fixes” the melt-offs this winter leaked enough water down the beams to soak the belongings below.

To sum up: my sister is a single mother of three who plans to use her house to benefit the community around her and definitely cannot afford to pay for a second new roof!  Please support her with your votes!!!


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