Our vision is that every potential customer in the Eastern US is given an opportunity to purchase a hassle-free home improvement solution that will last a lifetime.



Our mission is to provide the best affordable exterior home improvement solutions with excellent customer experience.


  1. Win-Win – We believe in the success of every party. We are in business to provide the best solution to our customers. Our goal is to retain customers for a lifetime. The only way to do this is to make sure that our customers walkaway knowing and feeling that the value they received is worth the investment.
  2. Persistence
    Knowing that our industry has been plagued with a negative reputation, we value persistence in pursuing more timely communications with customers as well as making sure that customers receive quality products and services.
  3. Integrity
    Setting correct expectations and keeping commitments is key to customer satisfaction. We deliver on all of our commitments and constantly strive to improve the timeliness of the delivery.
  4. Cooperation
    Anything worth doing requires teamwork. By working together within the organization we are able to deliver greater value to our customers. Likewise, we value customer’s insight into the projects we embark upon. By getting feedback from various points of view we’re able to craft the best solutions for our customers.
  5. Respect
    Home Improvement projects such as Roofing demand attention to detail and safety which use up a lot of people’s willpower. We strive to be respectful in every conversation within our teams as well as customers.

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