You’ve noticed a leak. Maybe there is moisture or mold/mildew in the attic. Maybe you have water marks on your walls or ceiling. Does that mean that you need to replace your roof? Not necessarily.

Believe it or not, leaks are not always a result of a bad roof—and can be completely unrelated to the age and quality of your roof. So, what are other causes of a leak?:

  1. Your Chimney
    There are several common chimney problems that cause leaks, including a missing or compromised chimney cap, problems with the chimney joints (areas between the bricks held together by mortar), or damage where the chimney meets wood siding. Each of these issues can result in water entering your home.
  2. Insulation
    Improper or damaged insulation can cause extreme temperature differences between the surface of the roof, and the inside of your home. These differences can result attic/crawl space condensation and, in some cases, in ice dams—which can cause leaks even in brand new shingles.
  3. Furnace pipes
    Furnace pipes exit through your roof. Generally, if your furnace pipe is straight in the attic/crawl space, you should have few problems. If your furnace pipe has an elbow(s) however, it can lead to leaks. The warm air in the pipe can cause condensation when it encounters the cold air in the attic/crawl space. The seams in the elbow of the pipe are more likely to lose heat, thus creating greater condensation that can then travel outside of and/or down the pipe.
  4. Skylights
    As skylights age, the rubber and seals might become faulty, causing leaks.
  5. Siding
    If siding is not sealed properly, or if it is damaged in some way, water can get underneath the siding and enter your home.

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