Winter is here!  But just because the cold weather and snow have made an appearance does not mean that your exterior home improvement projects need to wait until spring.  In fact, there are several reasons that winter is the best time to have work completed.

  1. Save money: Most manufacturers raise the price of building materials in the spring. By completing your project in the winter, you can take advantage of 2019 pricing.
  2. Save time: Work crews have more availability in the winter, allowing your project to start much faster than in the spring or summer.
  3. Less mess: In the spring, the ground can often be muddy and wet—requiring more time for cleanup, and more care around trees, bushes, and other plant life. The frozen ground in the winter is actually a great thing for exterior work!

But can all exterior home improvements be completed in the winter?  Most can!

Roofing: Absolutely!

It must be completed on days with no precipitation, and we must clear any existing ice or snow off of the roof.  Sometimes, tools and shingles can work differently in the winter.  We make adjustments as we go to ensure that the shingles are properly stored, applied correctly, and that the shingles are warm enough to adhere properly.  It is important to remember as well that our crews might not be able to work consecutive days due to inclement weather—but if we do have to take a day off, we ensure that your roof is properly covered to avoid damage and allow for proper insulation.

Siding: Yes!

Just like with roofing, we need to remove any existing snow and ice in advance, and might not be able to work consecutive days depending on weather.  We typically install siding in sections to avoid cold air entering the house, and ensure that we leave enough room for the siding to expand during the warmer summer months.

Gutters: Yes!

As long as we can access the gutters, we can install new ones! Gutter installation tends to be a much faster project than other exterior home improvements and, in many cases, can be completed in a day.  Our crews make sure to leave enough room for gutters to expand in the summer months.

Windows: Absolutely!

Believe it or not, when we are replacing windows, it usually takes less than a minute to pull out an old window and place a new one.  This means that your home is not open to the elements for any length of time.

Awnings, Decks, and Sunrooms: Maybe.

A lot depends on exactly what you are trying to do.  If digging is involved, the frozen ground is definitely a factor.  Contact us to talk through your particular project.


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