Most people begin to notice problems with their windows as the weather begins to get colder.   If you’re thinking about new windows, or not sure if you need them, we can help.  Here are some frequently asked window questions:

How can I tell if I need new windows?

  • Higher heating/cooling bills.
    • If the areas around your windows are noticeably colder than the rest of your room, that is a good indicator that your windows are not working as they should. Good, properly sealed, windows keep the temperature around the window within just a few degrees of your wall.
  • Condensation or frost inside your window
    • If you often find condensation or frost on the inside of your windows, it means that your window seals are not working properly to regulate the temperature.
  • Rotten/cracked/split window frames, or trim that feels spongy
    • If you notice this on the inside OR the outside of your windows, you will want to get it checked right away. This could mean water damage, which can lead to rot and mold which can damage the inside and outside of your home.
  • Cracks in the window glass

Do I need to replace every window in my home?

Not necessarily, but we definitely recommend replacing room by room, beginning in the rooms that receive the most usage (and are closest to the thermostat). 

Chances are, however, if one window is failing the rest are too.

Can windows be replaced in the winter?

Yes!  Believe it or not, removing a window and putting another one in takes only a few minutes and so no part of your home is exposed to the outside for long.  We then caulk, trim, wrap etc to finish the window. We also make sure to properly cover any exposed surface, and close off any room that we are working on to ensure very little disruption to your home.

Do your windows come with a warranty?

Absolutely!  Our windows come with a lifetime warranty—including screen repair and seal fail.

My windows are not a standard size.  Can you help?

No problem!  Each window that we install is custom made and built to ensure a perfect fit.

What are the main features/benefits of your windows?

Our windows are custom made, strong, durable, and energy efficient.  Additionally, they allow for very easy cleaning of the entire window (outside and inside) without stepping foot outside.

Can I change the style, color, look of my current windows?

Of course! You can select different wood grains and colors, a variety of exterior looks, tinted/obscured glass, and every different type of window (bay, casement, etc).  And it’s easy to mix and match styles and types.

You can even make changes to your existing window openings!  Do you have a small window that you wish were bigger, or are you looking to combine two windows—we can do that.  We can even take a large window opening and make it smaller if you choose.

Why should I book my project this December?

This December is window month at Allstate Roofing & More, LLC.  We are offering all customers who book their window project in December 20% off!

If you are thinking about new windows, contact us for a free estimate—585-400-7663 or