As you probably know, insulation helps to keep the heat inside when you need it, and outside when you don’t. This, in turn, helps to reduce your energy bills no matter the season. It’s estimated that you can save as much as 20% on your energy bills with good roof insulation.

Insulation has other benefits as well, including:

  • Manages Mold: by regulating temperature and moisture.
  • Helps Prevent Leaks: by helping to eliminate ice dams. In case you’re not familiar, ice dams are caused by warm air escaping your home through your roof, and melting the bottom layer of snow that sits there. The resulting water runs down the roof until it hits the colder edges, where it freezes. Over time, this grows into an ice dam, or a buildup of very large icicles. Since the warm air continues to melt the lower layers of the snow, melted ice becomes trapped under the dam and backs up, often forcing water under shingles—and resulting in leaks.
  • Increases Your Home’s Fire Rating: with its fire-retardant qualities.
  • Reduces Roof Deck Expansion and Contraction: by keeping the temperature consistent.

When can you install roof insulation?

Anytime. If you install with a new roof, it eliminates some of the set up and clean up necessary when installing through the house, but it makes no difference to the finished product.

You do need to have an attic or crawl space, however, for insulation to be installed the traditional way. If you have a home with cathedral ceilings, or a finished attic, you may need to talk to a contractor about options.

What kind of insulation is available?

Most insulation is either blown in, or rolled. We prefer to use blown in, as it blankets the space and expands to ensure coverage even in cracks and crevices.

What are baffles and do I need them?

Baffles are essentially chutes that provide a channel for air to flow through your attic space. They help prevent moisture in the space, control temperatures, and prevent insulation from shifting—which would minimize protection and blocking air flow. Baffles work in conjunction with your insulation and your ventilation system.

With winter fast approaching, there is no better time to install. If you are thinking about insulation, we can help. Contact us anytime for a free evaluation and educational estimate, 585-400-7663 or office@400roof.com.