Can anyone install a roof?  Sure.  Anyone who can hit a nail with a hammer can probably put shingles on.  But that doesn’t mean that just anyone should install a roof.

When installed properly, and using the proper materials, a roof can last 50 years or more.  And if you work with a GAF Master Elite™ roofer, you can take advantage of the best warranty in the business—including 25-year coverage on workmanship errors, and 50-year manufacturer/material defect coverage.

When Stephanie determined she needed a new roof, her go-to handyman offered to install at a fraction of the cost of a contractor.  But Stephanie decided she would rather have a long-term, worry-free solution to her problem rather than short-term savings.

We had the opportunity to work with Stephanie this spring to install a new roof on her new home. Take a minute to hear about Stephanie’s experience with us, in her own words.  And if you are thinking about an exterior home improvement of your own, contact us anytime—585-400-7663 or