A roof is a major investment and you want to make sure that your new roof will last a long time.   As you are doing your research, in addition to reviewing materials and roofers, make sure that you are investigating warranties!  A good warranty will ensure that you have peace of mind, and that your roof is covered for many years to come.

It is important to note that there are often two different kinds of warranty—manufacturer’s defect and workmanship errors.

Manufacturer’s defects happen during the manufacturing process, but might not necessarily show themselves right away.  A defect warranty protects against any problems that might arise after the roof components are installed.  It’s important to note, however, that while most manufacturers will offer defect warranties, they are typically limited to shingles and the length and the terms may vary.  Additionally, while the component might be covered, the labor to tear off the defective items and replace them may not be included.  Be sure to read the fine print too.  These warranties often prorate after a few years, and they also may not be transferrable—and so if you ever sell your home, that piece may no longer be covered.

Workmanship errors happen when your roof (or some component of your roof) is not installed the way that it should be.  This can lead to many problems down the road, including leaks and interior/exterior damage.  Many companies do not offer workmanship warranties and, if they do, they are for a very limited period of time and only cover very specific items.  Also, if the roofing company goes out of business during the warranty period, there may be limited ways to enforce the warranty.

As one of only 2% of roofers in the nation with designated as GAF Master Elite ™, we are able to offer our customers the GAF Golden Pledge® warranty.  Golden Pledge is the best warranty in the roofing business, covering both manufacturer’s defects and workmanship errors, and can only be offered by Master Elite roofers.

What does it entail?

  • 100% workmanship errors for 25 years (including misapplication of flashing)
  • 100% manufacturer’s/material defects for up to 50 years
    • This covers not only shingles, but every part of the GAF roofing system, including flashing, roof deck protection, leak barrier, and much more.
  • Labor and materials for any repair/replacement—including tear off and disposal.
  • A one-time, no cost warranty transfer.
  • It is also backed by the Good Housekeeping® seal of approval/protection.
  • This is a GAF warranty, backed by GAF. This means that even if your roofer goes out of business during the warranty period, GAF will ensure that repair/replacement is completed by a factory certified contractor.  GAF has been in business since 1886 and is the producer of the #1 shingle in North America!

How can GAF offer such a complete warranty?

By only allowing Master Elite roofers to offer it.  Master Elite roofers go through a rigorous process to be designated, ensuring that they are high quality roofers who install roofs right, the first time.  Golden Pledge roofs are required to be installed using 100% GAF components.  This ensures that the roofing system integrates together perfectly and eliminates many issues that can occur when fitting together different brands. GAF also certifies each roof with the Golden Pledge, meaning that they send out an independent evaluator to check the roof after installation to verify that it was completed to the required specifications.

If you are in the market for a new roof, be sure that you do your research and know exactly what you are buying—from the roof materials to the warranty.  And contact us anytime for a free educational evaluation and estimate—585-400-7663 or office@400roof.com