It’s that time of year again.  The days are getting cooler and the leaves are starting to fall.  Pretty soon, it will be time to clean your gutters…or will it?  Fall is the perfect time to install gutter guards, and take gutter cleaning off of your to do list.

What do gutters do?

Roofs were never meant to hold water on them for extended periods of time.  Gutters transport water from your roof safely away from your home to prevent damage.

What clogs gutters?

Leaves, “helicopters”, and pine needles are often the main culprits.  They fall into the gutter and are often unable to blow away on their own. As they decompose, they create a layer of rot and sludge which builds up and makes the problem even worse.

Rodents, birds, and even insects can also make their homes in your gutters.  Even if they do leave, the debris that they leave behind (think nests) can cause problems.

Oils and particles from your shingles can also cause issues over time.  As a roof ages, this shedding can build up and wreak havoc on your gutters.

What happens when a gutter isn’t working properly?

A lot.  Failure for gutters to drain properly results in water going where it shouldn’t.  If it sits on the roof, it can cause leaking which can impact even the inside of your house.  In the winter, this standing water can turn into giant icicles, or even ice dams.  The weight of the ice and water can also result in your gutters pulling away from your home. 

If water flows over the gutters onto the ground, it can damage your foundation and your paint/siding.

What do gutter guards do?

Gutter guards essentially cover your gutters, allowing water to come in and flow freely through, while keeping debris out. 

How are MasterShield® gutter guards different?

Allstate Roofing & More, LLC offers our customers several options of gutter guards, including MasterShield®–one of the highest rated gutter guards in the industry.

A great feature of MasterShield® is that it is pitched with the roof, not laying flat like traditional gutter guards.  This pitch allows water to more easily siphon into the gutter, and debris to slide right off.  The gutter guards lay underneath the shingles without damaging the integrity of the roof, and do not compromise any roof warranty that you may have.

Additionally, MasterShield® is made of stainless-steel micromesh, which allows only water to flow through, as well as copper, which attacks oils and organisms that flow from the roof—preventing clogs.  The copper also helps to eliminate mold and mildew that often builds up in gutters.

MasterShield® is so confident in its product (and so are we!) that they offer a no-clog warranty which not only covers the cost of the gutter guards, but will also pay the insurance deductible for any damage caused!

Gutter guards will save you time, and help ensure the health of your roof and gutter system. So, what are you waiting for?  Contact us today for a free evaluation and estimate, 585-400-7663 or