Like it or not, fall is fast approaching. So, what exterior home improvements should you consider before the colder weather hits?

If your roof has any missing, curled, or broken shingles, you should get them taken care of before winter. They can compromise the integrity of your roof, which can lead to leaks and damage to the interior and exterior of your home.

Have you experienced ice damming in the past? Ice dams can cause extensive damage to the interior and exterior of your home, and your roof. There are many different causes for ice dams, but the most frequent are inadequate insulation and/or ventilation. It is important to have your roof evaluated to determine how to best address your particular ice damming issues. If you have experienced ice dams behind your chimney, or on the transition from one roof area to another, the solution might be as simple as adding a cricket to your roof. Crickets are ridged structures, normally at the same pitch as the roof, that divert water away from areas where it might collect.

Solar Panels
If you considering solar panels, there is no better time than now. The 2019 Federal Rebates are in effect until the end of the year and, along with state rebates, can help offset a large portion of your costs. Additionally, installing now can help reduce your energy bills this fall and winter. And the best part? Solar panels are often able to work better in the winter because of the sun’s reflection off of the snow!

Gutter Guards
Gutter guards will prevent debris from accumulating in your gutters—protecting your gutters, and the exterior of your home. By keeping debris out, they are also helping to eliminate large icicles and, in some cases, ice dams.

Screened Porch/Sunroom
Do you have a screened porch? One way to extend its use is to add vinyl windows. Vinyl windows come with screens, and come in panels that work similar to a roman shade. They are easy to clean, easy to operate, and very resistant to scratches or breaks. By installing vinyl windows, you can protect your porch from many of the elements, and enjoy it even on windy or rainy days—extending your 1-2 season porch into a 3-season porch—and protecting the interior during the winter months.

If you don’t currently have a screened porch or sunroom (or even a deck!), by having it installed in the fall, you will have it to enjoy as soon as the warm weather returns in the spring.

Old or poor performing windows can cost you 15-30% more in your energy bills. You will especially feel this in the winter. And if you have trim that is not wrapped in aluminum, it is susceptible to water damage, rot, and mold. If you’re unsure of your windows, fall is a great time to have them evaluated, and replaced if necessary.

And, of course, fall is also a great time for siding, awnings, skylights (or sun tunnels!) and much more.

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