When vinyl siding first appeared on the market in the 50s and 60s, it became a popular alternative to aluminum siding or traditional painted cedar/wood. It was easy to take care of, and was used more and more in developments and new home builds. By the 1970s, advances to vinyl siding made it more resistant to warping and cracking, weatherproof, and much more durable—and in turn, even more popular.

There was no question that vinyl siding was virtually worry-free, but color options were limited, and would often fade over time. In the past decade, that problem was solved. Engineers visited an old car junk yard to look at the color fade. What they found was that the red color in taillights did not fade—no matter how old the car. They took that formula and then applied it to siding. The result? Siding with color that was resistant to fade. This would allow siding to look better for the life of the product AND for the use of much bolder color options.

In addition to the huge increase in color choices, siding comes with even more options than ever.

  • Panel Size: Siding is not one size fits all. Different styles allow you to pick double panels that are 8”, 9” and even 10” (appearing to be 4”, 4 1/2” and 5”) or single panels that are 8”.
  • Stone: Vinyl stone has the natural look of stone, without the upkeep and maintenance. You can choose from a variety of styles.
  • Texture: Believe it or not, some siding can have texture! From the look and feel of true sawn oak boards, to the hand split look, to the look of traditional cedar, you have many options.
  • Accents: Many homeowners choose to enhance their siding look with accents. These include scalloping, extended window trim, corner posts, and horizontal accents.
  • Orientation: If you want a unique look for your home, you can choose board and batten siding (vertical siding with wide boards spaced with narrower boards).

Today’s technology also allows for a 3D rendering of your home, which enables you to see what different siding choices will look like on your actual home—ensuring that you will love the finished product!

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