Tom and Sandra have lived in their 1960s built home for 20 years.  They loved the look of their cedar shngles, but found that, even with regular painting (Sandra estimates about 45 times since the house was built!), it was starting to deteriorate.  Sandra said, “our house needed a lot of work–it just looked faded, the paint didn’t look good, it was chipping…some of the shingles were coming off, the trim wasn’t looking very good–it was rotting, and it needed to be painted.”

Trying to decide their next steps, Sandra and Tom contacted several painting companies and siding companies to try to determine what would work best for their home.  After a lot of thought, they decided to go with siding.  They were looking for a “company that would do things the way we wanted them done, and not the way they wanted to do it.”

Why did they ultimately choose Allstate?  Tom says “it was the one company that was willing to go the extra mile to take off all the old cedar–most of them wanted to go over it.”  Sandra added “we wanted the cedar look…some of the other siding that we looked at was just the clapboard…we wanted the front to pop…we saw the cedar, we saw the stone and we just thought it would look amazing on our house.”

How did the project go?  Tom says “during repair, they took everything down to the original side of the house, and took care of all the problems.  There (were) a couple of spots of rotted wood underneath the shake, and they took care of that and put up a great product over the top.  I think it came out great!”

Sandra was thrilled with how the work took place, “during the project, every day I’d come home from work and it was–to see what they had just accomplished in one day was amazing.  The guys did a great job–they cleaned up after themselves every day–it was like they weren’t even here!  They did what they had to do, they left for the day, they came back, and the result is amazing!  I can’t say enough!”

The finished product was a mix of vinyl cedar, stone, and clapboard, giving the home a unique look that will require only minimal upkeep (and definitely no painting!).  Tom and Sandra say, “(Allstate) did what they said they were going to do, when they were going to do it, and how they were going to do it, and the results were great!”