An exterior home improvement is an investment of time and money. Not only that, most exterior improvements are meant to last—so, how can you be sure that the colors, styles, products, etc that you choose are the right ones for your home—both now and in the future?

Technology can help!

If you’ve ever painted a room, you know that paint may look one way on your small sample sheet, and very different once it is up on the walls of your room. While it may not be too hard to repaint a room, it is not so easy to redo your roof or siding if you are not happy with the final result. That’s where 3D imaging comes in. We can take photos of your home, and turn them into a completely customizable 3D image which allows you to see different options when it comes to roofing, siding, or windows. You can easily change the colors, styles, textures, and trim—you can even mix and match styles for a truly unique look. The technology allows you to essentially try out your exterior home improvement options before you buy!

Additionally, today’s technology gives us completely accurate measurements of your home—including the siding, windows, doors, and roof (even length and pitch!). These measurements allow for fewer errors, less waste, and cost savings for each customer.

But even with technology, it sometimes helps to see and touch too! That’s where our showroom comes in!

Roofing: Our displays allow you to see samples of different shingle colors and styles. As you walk through the showroom, you are even able to see sample roofs—showing you exactly what the finished product will look like. You can even see an “exposed” roof, which will show you how insulation, decking, underlayment, and shingles all work together in the roofing system.

Siding: Our “house” allows you to see different styles and colors of siding. You will also have the opportunity to see many different accent styles—including vinyl “stone”. And what siding visit would be complete without an actual demonstration of how siding pieces slide together and connect?

Windows: Not only can you see installed glass windows, but you can see vinyl windows as well. The samples allow you to actually see how the windows open and close, and how the vinyl windows “snap” out to allow for easy cleaning.

Decks: Decking samples allow you to see the wide variety of colors available. You can also feel and see the differences between different materials used to build decks—to determine which is right for your home.

Gutter guards: Gutters and gutter guards are set up to give you an actual demonstration, complete with water and debris, to see exactly how gutter guards work, and why they might be worth the investment.

And that is definitely not all! From gutters, to sunrooms, to doors and much more, you can see the colors, styles and materials and pick the right ones for your home.

If you are thinking about an exterior home improvement, contact us anytime. Estimates (and visits to the showroom!) are always free for residential customers—585-400-7663 or office@400roof.com.