Old or poor performing windows can be costing you more than you think. Did you know that homes with failing windows often pay 15-30% more on their energy bills than they need to? And failing windows can cause actual damage to your home.

How can I tell if I need new windows?
If your heating/cooling bills seem higher than they should be, it may be a result of your windows. Looking around your house you may notice that many of your heating/cooling vents are located directly underneath a window. Your windows may be allowing your inside air to escape, and the outside air to come in and circulate to your thermostat—continuously tripping it on.

If the windows are particularly bad, you might also notice your curtains blowing when the windows are shut, or actually feel a draft as you walk by them.

Cracks or splits are other obvious signs, as is window condensation.

If you have older windows, make sure to take a look at them from the outside too. If the trim is not wrapped in aluminum, there could be rot issues. If the trim or sill feels spongy that means you have water damage—this can lead to rot and mold, and damage to the inside trim and house wall.

How long do windows last?
It really depends on the window. A good way to gauge this is to look at its warranty. A short warranty usually means a short window life—you might be saving in the short term to really pay much more in the long term.

Additionally, installation is hugely important. Even the best windows must be properly installed to function correctly. Windows must allow a 1/8” gap between the wall frame to the window frame. This gap allows for the expansion and contraction of the window in the elements. This is best filled with special expandable foam which is not only water tight and pliable, but integrates seamlessly into the window.

Do all of my windows need to be replaced at the same time?
No. But chances are if one window is failing the rest are too.

At a minimum, we suggest replacing your windows room by room, beginning in the rooms that are the most populated, and closest to the thermostat (living room, kitchen, etc). If you can go beyond room by room, start with floor by floor.

It is important to remember too that often the more windows you buy at a time, the bigger the discount for each.

Are there options?
Of course! There are so many options when it comes to windows. You can select different woodgrains and colors, types of exteriors, tinted/obscured glass, and every different type (bay, casement, etc). And it’s easy to mix and match styles and types. You can even make changes to your existing window openings! Do you have a small window that you wish were bigger—no problem!

Did you know that Allstate Roofing & More, LLC offers a full lifetime warranty on our windows—including screen repair and seal fail? If you are thinking about new windows, contact us today for a free evaluation and estimate—585-400-7663 or office@400roof.com.