There’s nothing that we love more at Allstate Roofing & More, LLC than surprising someone with a home improvement that can make a big difference in their lives. Past giveaways had centered around social media and roof replacements, but for 2018 we decided to do something a bit different. The $10,000 Exterior Home Improvement Giveaway was open to existing and potential customers, and gave them the chance to pick their home improvement project (roofing, siding, windows, doors, awnings, decks, etc). Best of all, all they needed to do was fill out an entry.

We first met Deb Lange at the 2018 Rochester Home Show. She had bought her home about 3 years before, and had been told at the time that she would need a new roof in the not so distant future. Fast forward to 2018—her skylights had begun to leak and she was looking into her options. Deb talked to our team at the Home Show, and set up an appointment for one of our Exterior Designers to visit her home. At the same time, she filled out the contest entry form.

In December, the team met to pull the winner. When Deb’s name was chosen, we gave her a call—and she was definitely surprised–“I really couldn’t believe that it was for real, but I’ve been very thankful that I was given that opportunity”.

Deb finalized the work that she was to have done—a roof replacement and the replacement of two skylights. The work took place in the spring.

Deb’s favorite part of her home improvement? The solar skylights. Deb says “I’m especially in love with the new solar skylights…I decided to go with (them) knowing that there was a tax advantage but, my gosh, the fact that they open and close by themselves and can absolutely sense the rain, that has been—is going to be—a big feature for us in the future”.

And what did she think of the whole experience? “I was working in my home during the day, and I could barely tell they were there…I would recommend doing business with Allstate…because of their fair, prompt service, their pricing was right on spot with other contractors I had talked to, and…the crew was amazing at their clean up and how courteous they were to me while they were here”.

Hear more about Deb’s project in her own words, and see the results here: