An Acrylic Roof System can be a great choice to allow you to enjoy your outdoor spaces, while protecting you from the elements and harmful UV rays.

What is an Acrylic Roofing System?

An Acrylic Roof System is a roof made of heavy, rigid acrylic panels. These panels allow light to transmit through the roof, while blocking UV rays. Additionally, they can block some of the sun’s heat.

What outdoor spaces can use an Acrylic Roof System? 

Virtually any. From decks, to sunrooms, to patios and pools, an Acrylic Roof System allows you to enjoy the outdoors, while protecting from rain and sunburn.

You can also think outside the box. The roofing system can be used in a carport, a bbq or leasure area, and even a covered walkway or pergola.

Businesses can expand the use of their outdoor spaces (and maximize profit) with an acrylic roof system. Restaurants with outdoor seating, day cares with playground areas, and even recreation centers with outdoor pools will enjoy increased use of their space.

Why choose an Acrylic Roof System?

Light!: Depending on the tint that you choose, the light transmittance ranges from 40%-85%. The acrylic also softens harsh light and allows for even light distribution.

Protection: Not only does the system block UV rays, it is proven to protect from hail, and can block rain. Additionally, its patented condensate control keeps condensation out.

Safety: The panels are heavy and rigid, and include a non-shattering safety glazing.

Warranty: The system is guaranteed to retain 90% light transmission and clarity for 30 years.

Etc: The roof system requires little to no maintenance, and integrates an extruded aluminum gutter system. Each system is also custom made to ensure a perfect fit for your space. The system can be installed over existing structures, or as you are building a new sunroom or deck.

What are the acrylic options?

  • Clear: Allows for 85% light transmittance and 15% heat blocking
  • Bronze: Allows for 55% light transmittance and 45% heat blocking
  • Solar Cool White: Allows for 40% light transmittance and 60% heat blocking
  • Heatstop Pearl: Allows for 50% light transmittance and 75% heat blocking

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