Decks aren’t what they used to be. Historically, decks tended to be made from wood and most were similar in appearance. Today, consumers have many options. What used to be “just a deck” is now a way to extend your home’s living space for much of the year.

From color, to style, to board size, and accessories, each deck is truly unique and matches the look and feel of the home.

We offer our customers three main categories of decking materials. It is up to you to decide which is best for your home:

  1. Grade A #1 Pressure Treated Wood
    • This is best if you are on a tight budget, and are committed to regular upkeep and maintenance (with these, pressure treated decks can last a long time).
    • Pressure treating helps the wood withstand the elements, and wards off some pests, rot, and decay.
    • Cost effective.
    • Installed using screws.
    • Requires staining or painting, and regular maintenance.
  2. Thermory® Drift
    • For customers who like the look of traditional wood decking, but can not commit to the upkeep and maintenance.
    • Takes ash, spruce, or pine through a thermal modification process (basically “cooks” it to 400°). This removes all moisture, and changes the structure of the wood, leading to incredible moisture resistance (and a reclaimed wood look).
    • Thermory® Drift does not need to be stained or painted, only oiled every few years if you would like to maintain the original color.
    • It has a 25+ year rot resistance rating.
    • Contains a hidden fastener system—you will not see any screws or nails in the boards.
  3. TimberTech®
    • For customers looking for a long-term, durable decking solution that can be uniquely customized to fit their home and aesthetic.
    • An “outdoor flooring” experience—you can bring the look of the floors in your home outside—creating an extended living space.
    • Comes in wood composite or capped polymer—both are virtually maintenance free.
    • Boards come in three different widths: 3.5”, 5.5”, and 7.25”, as well as a variety of colors.
    • Widths and colors can be mixed and matched to create patterns and unique looks (this is 100% customizable).
    • Contains a hidden fastener system–you will not see any screws or nails in the boards.

Once you have determined your decking materials, you can also choose to add features. From lighting (including solar!), to built in benches, to railings, there are many options to choose from. You can also mix and match materials. For example, you can choose for the majority of your deck to be built with Thermory® Drift, and then add a TimberTech® railing.

And no matter what kind of deck you choose, we will always work under the assumption that you might want to modify the deck in the future—maybe add a hot tub, an awning, or even encapsulate and make it into a sunroom. By building with this in mind, we ensure that the deck is built to support any future needs, which will save you a lot of money down the road.

If you are thinking about a new deck, or replacing an existing deck, contact us today. We can talk you through your many options to ensure that your new deck will fit your lifestyle and your budget. Estimates are always free for residential customers, 585-400-7663 or