With warm weather (finally? hopefully? maybe?) on the way, you might have started thinking about all of the ways that you can take advantage of it.

Have you considered a sunroom? A sunroom allows you to maximize your space and take advantage of the sun and weather the majority of the year.

What is a sunroom?

A sunroom is an enclosed area, attached to your home, that is designed to increase your usable space, allow you to enjoy the sun and warm weather, and protect you from bugs, rain, etc. Sunrooms have large windows that let the room take advantage of natural light.

While a sunroom can be classified as a 4-season room (essentially an addition to your house) if heat and insulation are installed, for our purposes, the sunrooms we will be discussing will be 2- or 3- season rooms (unheated).

What are the benefits of sunrooms?

  1. Add living space to your home
    • Whether you would like a space for entertainment, dining, to relax, read a book, or just enjoy the view, a sunroom adds usable space for a generous portion of the year.
  2. Natural Light
    • With large windows, and even options for skylights and acrylic roofs, you will enjoy more natural light than in any other area of your home.
  3. Protection from the elements
    • By strategically opening and closing windows, you can still enjoy the warm weather without getting wet from the blowing rain, eliminate wind, and always keep out bugs!
  4. Increase your home’s value, without drastically increasing your taxes
    • As long as it doesn’t have its own heat source, your sunroom is not counted as a livable space, and so it is typically not counted in your square footage or in your property taxes.
  5. Versatile
    • Not only are there many options in terms of size and style, but you can often turn an existing deck into a sunroom!

What are some options?

The options really are limitless, and a sunroom can be made to match your space, requirements, aesthetics, and lifestyle. Some of the more common options are:

  1. Flooring: This can be similar to the floor of a deck, or can also be an insulated sub-floor that can be covered in carpet, tile, or laminate flooring.
  2. Size/Shape: This is only limited by your property size and zoning requirements in your area. And do you want a square room, an oval room, or even a hexagon? The sky is the limit.
  3. Windows: In addition to screens, you can choose vinyl glazing, or glass. We offer 4-track windows that slide up and down on individual tracks, similar in design to Roman Shades, and allow you to open the window as much, or as little, as the weather conditions allow.
  4. Roof: You can choose from a standard roof system to match your home, or even an acrylic roof system that lets the sun light in (think “greenhouse”). You can even choose to install skylights.
  5. Colors: There are many colors to choose from, and you have the ability to use different colors in different areas of the space (inside and outside). And the best part? No painting is ever required.

What do I need to know/think about?

  1. The placement of your sunroom may be determined in part by your existing roof orientation and eaves.
  2. Permits are required, and you must be aware of your property line.
  3. Be aware of where utilities come into your home. It is very expensive to move existing utility boxes, and so you will want to take their placement into consideration when determining where to place your sunroom.
  4. Your sunroom must be separated from the living area of your home by dividing doors (typically sliding glass or French).
  5. A 2- or 3-season room can have installed electricity.

If you are considering a sunroom, it’s important to take some time to really think through the space that you need/want. What will you be using it for? How big would you like it to be (it can often be helpful to actually measure out the space to see if it is too big/small for your purposes and if there is still space in the yard for other activities)? What are the essentials when it comes to the space? Once you have determined the basics, give us a call.

We offer free estimates for residential customers, and can walk you through all of the options. We can also take care of everything—from permits, to electricity, to separating doors, and completed sunroom. Contact us anytime to learn more, 585-400-7663 or office@400roof.com. And just think, you could be enjoying your new sunroom by summer!