Are you thinking about a new roof? Did you know that you now have the option to add solar panels as an integrated part of your roof system?

Solar energy is dramatically rising in popularity. According to, total installations of PV capacity solar panels are expected to more than double in the US in the next five years. Why? Not only is solar energy the cleanest form of energy, and environmentally friendly, but in recent years the costs have decreased, leaving the benefit of lower energy bills and higher property values.

How do PV Solar Panels work?

Photovoltaic (or PV) solar panels are installed on your roof. They convert energy from the sun into usable electricity. The panels are covered with an anti-reflective coating that allows for maximum sun absorption.

Solar panels absorb solar radiation. The radiation causes electrons to move, and creates a flow of electric current. This current is captured by wiring in the panel. The wiring directs the electricity to a solar inverter, which converts it into Alternating Current (AC) electricity, which is usable in most homes.

In most cases, the electricity will flow through your home, and will be supplemented by electricity from the grid if needed. If your panels create more energy than you can use, most often it can be sent into the grid, which will give you credits on your electric bill—essentially “storing” your energy on the grid for future use.

About GAF DecoTech®

In the past, there were few options for residential roof solar panels. Most were raised above your roof on racks which were attached directly to your shingles using screws and nails. This left a roof vulnerable to leaks, as well as allowed for space for animals to live, and debris to collect. Additionally, the solar panels were extremely obvious, and did not blend well with the roof.

Allstate Roofing & More, LLC is excited to be able to offer our customers GAF DecoTech®, providing full-sized solar panels that fasten directly to the roof deck. DecoTech® is most often installed with a new roof. Since it does fasten directly to the roof deck, it is low profile, and offers a seamless look without racks or exposed wires. The roof deck is cleaned and prepped, and covered in underlayment to protect from ice/water, as well as VersaShield® Solo, which holds a Class A fire rating. Once installed, the panels are then surrounded by flashing which keeps water out of your house, and pests from making homes underneath it. The installation is simple, which saves time and money, as well as helps to protect the integrity of the roof.

The panels also require no maintenance. Rain washes away any accumulated dirt, and the panels act like shingles in that they shed water and snow.

DecoTech® has passed electrical grounding tests, mechanical load tests, fire tests, uplift resistance tests, and many more. Additionally, it comes with a GAF 25-year warranty (and can be eligible for additional GAF warranties).

If you are considering solar panels, what do you need to know?

  • Solar panels do come with tax incentives on the national and state levels, and sometimes the local levels as well. On average, a federal tax credit will cover 30% of a system, and a NY State tax credit will cover 25% of the system. With a typical energy bill, the remaining investment is paid off in 7 years.
  • Solar panels do raise the value of your home, without raising your taxes.
  • Yes, solar panels are effective in the winter! In fact, output can increase in the winter due to the snow reflecting the light, as well as the ability of the panels to function more efficiently in cold weather. Depending on the amount of snow at your home, it may be worth investing in a solar panel snow rake to remove excess snow (snow does slide off, but excessive amounts can take time).
  • Solar panels work best on a roof with a south facing slope, in an area not shaded by trees, and with a roof angle as close to the region’s latitude as possible.
  • Our Account Managers can evaluate everything from the angle of your roof, to its orientation and shading to help you determine if solar panels are a sensible investment for your home.

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