With an end to winter finally in sight, you may have started thinking about enjoying the warmer weather. Are you considering a deck for your home? If so, there are some things that you will want to be thinking about.

Take some time to consider what you will be using the deck for.

Will you be hosting barbeques? Do you need to fit a table? For how many? Would you like several seating areas? How much space do you really need? It is very important to think about the deck’s uses before you determine a final size. It may even help to take a measuring tape out in the yard and mark off the amount of space that you are thinking. Will all of the items that you are thinking fit? Is it too big? Is there still space in your yard for other activities (if you want there to be)?

Think through what you might want to do with the deck in the future. This will allow you to talk through your future needs with your contractor, and ensure that the deck is being built with this in mind. This will save you money in the long run, as you will not need to make changes to your deck to meet code requirements, etc for future improvements. Some of these include a hot tub, an awning, or potentially encapsulating the deck and turning it into a sunroom.

You have a variety of options when it comes to deck materials.

Decks are not just made out of wood anymore. Only you can determine what works best for your home, budget, and maintenance capabilities. Allstate Roofing & More, LLC offers three options:

  1. Pressure Treated Lumber: Good
    • #1 Grade A pressure treated wood
    • Requires staining or painting
    • Requires regular maintenance
    • Can cause splinters, and wood can get hot in direct sunlight
  2. Capped Wood Composite: Better
    • Plastic and wood fibers coated with a PVC composite
    • Real wood look
    • No sealing or painting required, and no need for regular maintenance
    • Durable, mold and mildew resistant
    • Comes in a variety of color choices
  3. Capped Polymer: Best
    • Enhanced wood look, and a variety of color options
    • Durable and strong—comes with a Lifetime warranty
    • Minimal maintenance
    • Boards remain cooler in the sun (great for bare feet!)

You have a lot of choices to make this deck your own.

Each deck is customized.

In addition to choosing the size and shape, you can add lighting and railings, you can select from different fasteners (tongue and groove, hidden fasteners, etc), and you can add cross patterns, and much more! Worried about animals under the deck? You can even add a varmint barrier—and include an access door to give you some storage space!

Other things to think about.

Codes and permits. A deck must be built to your town/city/village code. Additionally, permits must be obtained, and will be denied if the deck is built too close to a property line. Ensure that your contractor will help with these.

Do you have a door(s) that will lead out to the deck? If not, you will want to have those installed at the same time as the deck. Check to be sure that your contractor can do that work too.

Make sure when talking to contractors that they will anchor the deck to the house wall. This ensures stability and prevents your deck from shifting. It will cost you a lot of money in the long term if your deck is not anchored.

Many existing decks can be retrofitted. Depending on the state of the deck, and the changes that you want made, it can sometimes be cheaper, however, to tear down and rebuild.

Allstate Roofing & More, LLC can help with all of your decking needs, and offer free consultation and estimates to residential customers! Contact us anytime at 585-400-7663 or office@400roof.com.