It is important that every homeowner periodically do a visual inspection of their roof—especially after inclement weather. There is no need to even go on the roof, a pair of binoculars can really help you identify any problem areas. Any damage to shingles can result in damage to the layers of your roof and, potentially, the inside of your home.

The most common types of roof damage to look for:

  1. Curled shingles: These are easy to spot. Individual shingles lift and curl at the edges. This is often a failure of the tar strip or a sign of aging.
  2. Cracked shingles: Cracks may appear to be just on the surface, but most often that is not the case.
  3. Blistering shingles: Small “bubbles” or “blisters” appear on the shingle. This can be due to excessive heat, which causes expansion in the shingle and erosion.
  4. Flaking: The top of your shingle is made up of tiny granules, which protect your shingles and add a layer of UV protection. When the granules begin to flake you may find some in the gutter, or see bare or dark spots on the roof. This is most often caused by age.
  5. Cupping shingles: The center of the shingle will be “sunken”, almost creating a wavy look. Age and heat are often the culprits.
  6. Missing shingles: These will be very obvious. This is most often due to weather or age.

So, what are the main causes of roof damage?:

  1. Age: An older roof will experience flaking granules, which leads to heat damage to the shingles. Additionally, the elements will eventually take their toll on a roof.
  2. Weather: Excessive wind can blow shingles off a roof, and can also result in loose or curled shingles. Heavy snow, hail, ice, rain, etc. can cause water damage to a roof.
  3. Leaves/Moss: Believe it or not, if you allow leaves and moss to build up on your roof it can cause rotting and water damage.
  4. Animals: Raccoons, squirrels, and other pests can cause damage to your shingles and actual make a home in your roof!
  5. Foot traffic: Walking on a roof can cause damage to shingles. Try to keep foot traffic to a minimum.

If you spot roof damage, it is important to have it professionally assessed. We provide free evaluations and estimates to residential customers. It should be noted that while the damage may only be to a few shingles, we will talk with you about a full facet repair (the whole slope of the roof where the damage occurs). It is impossible to warranty patch and repair jobs because it results in the breaking of seals and lifting of other shingles to allow for installation. This can result in further damage, including leaking, and will require further work in the future.

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