Are you trying to update the look of your home? It might be as easy as replacing your front door!

The choices and combinations are endless! In addition to selecting the material (steel, fiberglass, wood fiberglass, sliding glass, etc) you can customize your look.

Do you want your door to be wood grained? You can choose from over 8 stain and 4 grain options. Are you a traditionalist? Choose from 16 standard colors. Do you want to stand out? Believe it or not, color choices include tangerine and pink hibiscus!

You can also add glass. Determine how clear or opaque, and select from over 20 styles: from antique to contemporary. You can also choose your caming finish (the metal work that joins together the pieces of glass).

Additionally, choose the number, style, and shape of any panels on your door. When you are finished, you will have a door that complements your home!

If you are also thinking of replacing your house to garage door, keep in mind that New York State requires a 90-minute fire door if your garage attaches directly to your house. These doors are typically steel with no windows, and can help control the spread of fire and smoke. If you are replacing a current house to garage door, it must be a fire door to meet code requirements.

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