Did you know that the average driveway can last 10-20 years? Much of that depends on weather, wear & tear, and upkeep. Sealing your driveway every year is certainly good preventative maintenance, but time will erode even the best kept driveways.

If you notice the cracks in your driveway getting bigger, water pooling, or divots where your car drives every day, it is time to consider a new driveway.

Did you know that you have choices when it comes to the “look” of your driveway? You can select a coarser or finer grain to add “texture” and can even choose from a variety of colors. There are even options for concrete driveways!

So, what can you expect when you replace your driveway? First, your current driveway will be demolished using heavy machinery and the pieces will be taken away. The cleaned surface will then be graded—that will ensure that water runs off of the driveway properly. Your base will then be tamped down, and a sub-base applied—this provides stability to the asphalt that will be installed. The sub-base will settle, and then the asphalt surface will be installed. To complete the driveway, our team will ensure that the surface is smooth, the edges of the driveway are properly angled, and the driveway meets any sidewalk or roadway seamlessly.

After the driveway is laid, you can typically walk on the surface after 24 hours, and drive after 2-3 days. In extremely hot weather, however, it is important to wait a few extra days to ensure that there is no damage. That being said, it takes up to a year for asphalt to completely set and harden, and so it’s important to take precautions during this time. That includes:

  • Avoid pointed edges on the driveway (high heels, cleats, kick stands, ladders, etc)
  • Do not drive on the edges of your driveway
  • Do not allow overweight vehicles on the driveway
  • Do not park in the same place every day
  • Do not pour oil or gas on the driveway

Remember, driveway installation is highly dependent on weather, and in Upstate New York can only be done in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

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