When ice damming caused part of Amanda’s gutter to fall and break her neighbor’s fence, she knew she needed help. She called a contractor, who told her the repair couldn’t be done because of the close proximity of her neighbor’s fence and the inability for a ladder to reach the gutter without venturing onto her neighbor’s property. Amanda wasn’t sure how to proceed, then she heard a radio commercial for Allstate Roofing & More, LLC.

Amanda called and a team member was able to come right over. “It was just a good feeling from the beginning” Amanda recalls. It turned out that the gutter was relatively easy to fix, and the work was able to be completed quickly. “The price was fabulous and they did really good work…I was very happy.”

Later that year there was a knock on Amanda’s door. It was a contractor who was doing driveways in the area and wanted to give Amanda an estimate. She didn’t feel comfortable with the contractor—he had no company business card and his truck was unmarked—but it did get her thinking about her driveway. It was in bad shape and needed to be replaced. Amanda remembered the “& More” and wondered if that included driveways, so she called again. Allstate Roofing & More LLC quickly came out, did an estimate, and completed the job. Amanda was thrilled with the results, “they were amazing…great crew…I was very happy!”

So, would Amanda recommend Allstate Roofing & More, LLC to her friends and family? “I would really recommend Allstate for any outdoor housing needs. They are a company that I have found with great integrity and a great work ethic….I wouldn’t think twice about calling Allstate!”

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