How do you know if your gutter is working properly? Ice damming (often caused by poor roof ventilation) can shift the pitch of your gutter and impact how it drains. One way to check is by doing a “hose test”. Simply take the hose and run water into the gutters at their highest point. Watch as the water flows down, and make sure that it drains properly.

What about siding? The most frequent culprit of siding damage is improper installation. Rippling can result from improper nailing, and excessive caulking around hose spigots, etc. sometimes voids a warranty.

See Allstate Roofing and More LLC’s Sales Manager, Erik Barrett, detail what to look for with your gutters and siding. He also shows you “gutter guards”, which can help eliminate leaves, seeds, pine needles, and other debris that often find a home in your gutters.

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